Friday, March 16, 2007

ITRMC Captures Case Contest Crown

GERD Updates

Pangasinan pediatricians were treated to a very enlightening lecture on a less commonly recognized and treated disease in children: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Dr. Karen S. Mondonedo, a pediatric gastroenterologist based here in Dagupan City elaborated on the different diagnostic modalities as well as the newer drugs used in treating this disease.

She further emphasized the superiority of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) particularly lansoprazoles and omeprazoles over H2 blockers in terms of safety and efficacy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our Xmas Gift to Community

An intercepted intelligence report of an impending military encounter in the remote and rebel infested municipality of Lidlidda here in Ilocos Sur scared the heck out of almost all PPS NORLU members but did not dampen the spirit of Christmas as the chapter adopted this community under its Community Adoption and Reach out Program (CARe).

A brainchild of our PPS NORLU Vice President Dr. Ma. Elena C. Lahoz, a medical mission was conducted by the brave souls of the chapter with simultaneous lectures on basic CPR, disease endemic to this locality (rabies), asthma, nutrional assessment and management given to barangay health workers as well as parents.

The RHU physician was likewise enlightened on childhood TB screening and was given PPD vials for their own PPD screening program. The children of Lidlidda also received loot bags aside from the medical services that were given to them.

This activity which was initiated in lieu of a lavish Christmas Party was made possible through the coordination by Dr. Jessica Joy Ramolete and full support from the Ilocandia pediatricians.

Drs. Shirley J. Gacusa and Mae M. Cabe stood as tthe godparents of this comminty to ensure contact and coordination with the chapter as well as to maintain continuity of care.

Maagang Pamasko sa Batang NORLU

With a few weeks more before christmas, the PPS-Northern Luzon Chapter in partnership with Natrapharm Philippines, launcehd the region wide mass Childhood Tuberculosis Screening last November 12, 2006. All members of the chapter recieved free PPD vials for PPD screening in their own locality. It is hoped that this project would recognize new cases and treated promptly and adequately. Thank you Natrapharm for your support.

Kawasaki Disease: What's New?

This was the topic of our very own Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Gerry B. Acosta spoke about on October 19, 2006 at the Lenox Hotel, Dagupan City.

Dr. Acosta carefully reviewed the diagnosis (fever lasting for at least 5 days plus 4 of 5 of the principal features: red eyes without discharge, cracked red lips and red “strawberry” tounge, swollen neck lymph nodes, generalized rash and swollen hands and feet and red palms). He likewise emphasized importance of intravenous immune globulin given at 2 grams/kg within the first 10 days of illness as recommended by the American Heart Association and long term follow-up with prolonged aspirin therapy.

He also presented some cases of atypical presentation Kawasaki disease patients as well as disease recurrence. susie castano, md

Timely Dengue Lecture

Hard hit by the Dengue plague, a pocket scientific meeting on the fluid management of dengue hemorrhagic fever was conducted on September 14, 2006 at the Lenox Hotel in Dagupan City.

The guest speaker, Dr. Herbert Uy, a pediatric intensivist of the Philippine General Hospital and St. Luke’s Medical Center, spoke on the “Fluid Management in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.” He gave emphasis to the importance of early and aggressive fluid replacement with crystalloids. And in severe cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, the use of colloids, which are made up of high molecular weight proteins that theoretically “plug the holes” in blood vessels in cases of plasma leakage into the extravascular space. He cautioned the audience against unnecessary or prophylactic blood component transfusions as he enumerated the different transfusion related problems and complications.

A well attended affair, a lively open forum followed with Dr. Agnes D. Dimaano as moderator. susie castano, md

Saturday, October 14, 2006

PPS NORLU and Bantay Bata 163

BAGUIO CITY. It was a red letter day on September 10, 2006 for PPS NorLu and the people of Baguio. For PPS members, it was a chance to serve some of the less fortunate families in the locality. For the needy, it was a chance to avail of free consultation and treatment sponsored by Bantay Bata 163 in cooperation with the Ventures Club of Baguio. The event took place at the Baguio Convention Center on a bright Sunday morning. We were able to serve 668 families with an average of 4 to 5 children per family. Let’s do our math and that’s about 3000 children assessed and treated that day.


It’s a big feat but the work was done, thanks to the overwhelming support by our PPS NorLu members. We acknowledge those who generously shared their time and energy, namely, Dr. Esperanza Bolislis, Dr. Pinky Lopez, Dr. Joy Ramolete, Dr. Connie Padilla, Dr. Rainelda Runez, Dr. Toots Bay-an, Dr. Benrod de Leon, Dr. Gina Co, Dr. Genny Recolizado, Dr. Joyce Frias from Baguio City; Dr. Gerry Acosta, Dr. Marianne Manangan, Dr. Ma. Nida Mortero , from La Union, Dr. Marvin Callanta (our incumbent president no less), Dr. Cleo Malicse, Dr. Lalaine Bravo, Jr. Ildefonso Manzano, Jr. Dr. Susie Castano (past president) from Pangasinan; Dr. Melissa Ragasa, Dr. Irwina Lazo, Dr. Blandina Suarez from Ilocos. Also at hand were the pediatric residents from Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center and SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart.

Some other services rendered were the distribution of grocery packages from, free eye checkup and prescription glasses, and free medicines from the Medical Outreach Missions Foundation Inc. (MOMFI). It was a successful event made memorable by the presence of the amiable Ms. Tina Monson – Palma who thanked our society for supporting their project. joyce marie frias,md

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Asian Pacific Pediatric Association Recommendation

The Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc. Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees on its meeting last August 17, 2006 has recommended for your information:

that rotavirus immunization as included in the routine schedule of immunization be deferred until adequate date on its efficiency/effectiveness has been gathered. This was based on the recommendation of the Rotavirus Workshops during the Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA) Meeting held last July 20-21, 2006 at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, Chonburi, Pattaya, Thailand.

that universal vaccines be separated from the use of vaccine for the specific condition in the schedule of immunization

Please be guided accordingly

Very Truly Yours

Jocelyn Yambao-Franco, MD President

Friday, September 01, 2006

Streaking SLU Captures CPC Pennant

Five kilometers away from the idyllic city of Vigan, Heritage Resort of Caoayan, Ilocos Sur was the venue of the 4th Annual Clinico-Pathologic Conference of the PPS Northern Luzon Chapter. Participants from the 5 PPS accredited training hospitals joined to show off their prowess in coming up with a diagnosis of the case given.

Residents tried to out do each other in their presentation but in the end, only one winner was declared. The judges unanimously voted the participants from the Hospital of the Sacred Heart (SLU) as the champion.

Members of the Board of Judges were: Drs. Divina Tolentino from Candon, Ilocos Sur; Imelda C. Dallo from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte; and Kathyrine Pascual- a pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist was the guest judge invited all the way from Tarlac City. The contest ended with a presentation of the histopathological result from a noted pathologist, Dr. Sheldon Aquino from the Region 1 Medical Center.

The 4th Annual CPC was made possible through a CME grant from PHAREX, represented by their product manager, Miss Tboop Macazo.All the participants did not leave empty handed as cash prizes were awarded to all of them. The first prize winner was given P5,000 ; second prize was P 3,000; third place was P 2,000 and a consolation prize of P 1,000 was given to both 4th and 5th place awardee.

List of participants:

1st place ( SLU)- Melissa Ompico MD/ Leanith Haya MD 2nd place ( ITRMC) Clarisa Chan-Lim MD/ Ma. Elena Pabrua MD 3rd place (BGH) - Renelyn Ignacio MD/ Francisco Dacuycuy 4th place ( R1MC )- Maribel Pasaoa MD/ Hazel Fragata MD 5th place ( DMMMH)- Mary Frances Mora MD Melissa Edic MD........ agnesdimaanomd

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Quipped Dr. Alexis L. Reyes as she wowed the audience with her masterful exposition of the “Science of Early Childhood Development” last July 23, 2006 at the Star Plaza Hotel, Dagupan City.

Considered by many experts to be the Dean of Philippine Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, and an uncompromising advocate of breastfeeding, she elucidated the benefits of pure breastfeeding to infants 0 to 2 years old. She likewise debunked the myths regarding the formulations in infant formulae allegedly increasing intelligence in infants on bottle feeding.

Dr. Reyes, a well known developmental pediatrician and an Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatrics UP-PGH College of Medicine, talked about the factors that make an impact on child development, particularly the 4 domains : body, mind, person, and the brain.

Breastfeeding advocates would be very glad to know that she emphasized the importance of breastmilk in nurturing the mind of a child, and that the timing of nutritional deficiency is important as well as this could lead to delayed neuromaturation, thereby leading to behavioral factors seen in children with developmental delay.

Nature and Nurture. That was the main point of the lecture of this astute professor, a pillar in her chosen field. Multiple Intelligence is dependent on human relationships and the environment, and that there are no quick fixes in the world of early childhood intervention....agnesdimaanomd